Spreads you can do over and over (and still learn from)

Need spreads to practise on?

Pulling a daily card is a good way to get to know your tarot cards. Sometimes, however, you want to practise reading the cards, but soon or later, you run out of family members and friends to read for. Or you run out of problems to explore.

Here are seven The Sceptic's Tarot spreads you can do over and over. You will learn something about yourself every time.

  1. What do I know? (3 cards)
  2. What is worth knowing? (3 cards)
  3. Serenity spread (6 cards)
  4. The f-word spread (2 cards)
  5. If–then spread (2 cards)
  6. And but therefore (3 cards)
  7. So what? (3 cards)

Two traditional spreads that will also work are:

Past / Present / Future


Body / Mind / Spirit

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