You must be joking! AI tells tarot jokes

Lovely-african-girl-pink-jacket-posing-with-happy-face-expression-yellow-backgroundTarot cards are not always serious: they can have a wicked sense of humour. You know that, don't you? So I thought they wouldn't mind a few jokes about them.

Since I'm hopeless at telling jokes, I asked Copilot—Microsoft's artificial intelligence (AI)—to tell us a few.

(You might remember the tarot-reading technique using AI.)

The verdict?

You could say that even if the cards don't predict the future, at least they're entertaining.

You could also say: if this is the best AI can come up with, they're not taking my job soon!

Let the groans begin.


Always use a proper deck of cards. A little while ago, some friends and I wanted to play poker but only had a set of tarot cards. I got a full house, and three people died…

They get worse:

I was playing a game of solitaire, but I only had a pack of Tarot cards. I actually won, but four people died.” 😄

Why don’t tarot readers ever get surprised?
Because they always expect the unexpected when The Tower card appears! 😄

Even when I asked for a good joke, I got this:

Why did the tarot cards go to school?
Because they wanted to improve their “readings” and become “outstanding” in their field! 😄🔮

Why don’t tarot cards work for internet issues?
Because you can’t deal with problems when your connection is down! 😄🔮

Why did the tarot card get a job?
Because it was looking for a change of fortune!

They're so bad I can't help laughing!

What do you call a tarot deck that’s been through the wash?
The Clean of Cups!

How do tarot cards greet each other?
“Hello, haven’t I seen you in a spread before?”

Why don’t tarot readers like escalators?
They prefer to take steps to elevate their spirits!

How do you know if you’ve visited a bad tarot reader?
They start every reading with, “Once upon a time…”

Well, there you have it. The best AI could come up with. I think it needs a little creativity training!

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