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Creativity has many sources. In this post, see if you can identify the principles of creativity—particularly reversing assumptions, combinations, adding something, and adapting something—in these three creative works.

Upside-down zoo

Pulptastic 2 dot comWhen you go to a zoo, you expect to see animals in cages. The Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo in the city of Chongqing in China has turned the idea on its head by caging its visitors and letting the animals roam free. This arrangement gives visitors to the zoo an entirely different experience!

Visitors are allowed to hand-feed the lions and tigers through small openings at the top of the cage, drawing even more predators. The meat is stuck onto a stick and the stick pushed through the openings. Raw meat is also fastened on the outside of the cage. In no other way can the visitors get an even more up-close look of the cats!

Another advantage is that these animals are roaming freely, instead of being stuck in cages as in traditional zoos.

The Orana Wildlife Park in New Zealand and Parque Safari Zoo in Rancagua, Chile, have similar offerings.

Pulptastic dot come

Kirsten, E. (2019, 18 June). This zoo cages people and lets animals roam free. Getaway. Retrieved 29 July 2019 from https://www.getaway.co.za/travel-news/this-zoo-cages-people-and-lets-animals-roam-free/

Pulptastic. (2016, July 26). “Reverse zoo” puts humans in a cage car so the animals can roam free. Retrieved 29 July 2019 from https://pulptastic.com/lehe-ledu-wildlife-zoo/

Weaving a home

Seikaly 1
Seikaly 2
Abeer Seikaly, a Jordanian-Canadian architect, has designed a multi-purpose tent that not only provides shelter but can collect water for basic sanitation and provide heat and energy.

The tent collects rainwater at the top, from where it filters down the sides of the tent into storage pockets. The tent can also absorb solar energy to provide heat and electricity.

Seikaly designed the tent with refugees in mind, people who have been displaced or are refugees through war and climate change. These people need shelter, basic sanitation, and food.

Named ‘Weaving A Home,’ the design consists of a unique structural fabric made of high-strength plastic tubing moulded into sine-wave curves. The dual-layer tent opens and closes in response to weather conditions, for example letting cool air in and hot air out in summer.

The tent is also lightweight and mobile.

Seikaly won the 2013 Lexus DEsign Award for her innovative design.

More information is available from Abeer Seikaly at http://www.abeerseikaly.com/weavinghome.php.


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Running art

Maughan 1
San Franciscan Lenny Maughan uses Strava, a social fitness app, to create amazing pieces of art. Carefully planning his route, Maughan lets Strava ‘paint a picture’ of where he has been.

His ‘paintings’ often requires vast distances to run. His ‘Frida Khalo’ masterpiece took more than 6 hours to complete and covers 29 miles.

Maughan says, "San Francisco is my canvas. I use the streets as a framework for what I want to do, find shapes, and make it work. Kind of like how little kids look up at the clouds.”

Maughan 2


Caunt, J & Tymulis, D. (n.d.) Runner uses the streets as his canvas, maps out artistic designs with his routes (31 pics). Bored Panda. Retrieved 30 July 2019 from https://www.boredpanda.com/frida-kahlo-running-art-lenny-maughan/


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