How creative! 2
Why use stimuli like random words or tarot cards to solve problems?

Interweaving tarot and creativity: Articles

All the creativity techniques I have created or adapted for tarot cards are still on my previous blog, SynTAROTis. Here is a list.

The techniques fall into three groups:

  1. Existing creative-thinking techniques adapted for use with Tarot cards;
  2. Creative-thinking techniques based on creativity principles, to be used with Tarot cards; and
  3. Creative-thinking techniques specific to Tarot (techniques that can only be done with Tarot cards).

Techniques adapted for Tarot

5W1H (What, why, when, where, who and how)    

Attribute listing with Tarot cards

Brainstorming with Tarot cards

“Preppy thoughts” with Tarot cards (Relational Algorithms)

I have an idea! (Brainstorming)

Appreciative Inquiry

Creativity principles with Tarot cards

Another way to look at the problem is … (Change your perspective)

“Yes, BUT …”—A challenging technique (Question your assumptions)

Going around in circles (Tarot spread) (Explore cause and effect)

The root of the problem (Spread) (Explore the root causes of a problem)

Reverse the spread (Reverse the problem)    

In spite of fear and doubt, create ... (Believe that you are creative)

Why? (Redefine the problem)

What if I do nothing?

Gather information

Creative reflection with Tarot cards

Tarot-specific techniques

I predict that ...

So is this true?

Let the image do the talking

An inside-out reading

The back-to-front reading

What if the card is the obstacle?

"Improve me"

The backwards story

Where does it go?

The chosen cards

Set my place

Be sense-ible

Lessons learnt

Two troublesome cards

Two for one


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