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The Sceptic’s Tarot is about using tarot cards creatively, instead of predictively. So what will you find on this blog? (Many of these links still point to SynTAROTis.)

(Interested in tarot only? Interested in creativity articles only? Tarot spreads only? My techniques only?)

The blog features articles on:

Tarot used for creative purposes, such as:

  • problem-solving
  • reflection
  • journaling
  • inspiration and prompts for art projects (creative writing, creative non-fiction writing)

Creativity techniques designed for tarot cards, such as

  • back-to-front
  • I predict that
  • where does it go?
  • so is this true?

Tarot techniques as applied to creative thinking, such as:

  • tarot spreads
  • working with analogy and metaphor
  • randomness
  • ambiguity

Creativity techniques designed or modified for tarot cards, such as:

  • brainstorming
  • reversing the problem
  • attribute listing
  • relational algorithms
  • checking assumptions
  • asking the question for problem solving
  • combinations and associations
  • the problem-solving process (for example problem identification)
  • using the cards as stimulus for idea generation

Problem-solving techniques not related to tarot, such as:

  • two words technique
  • morphological analysis

Tarot-specific articles, such as:

  • tarot history
  • application of tarot
  • tarot spreads
  • tarot card meanings
  • tarot techniques (such as reading cards)

Creativity application and research, such as:

  • research related to any of the items mentioned above (for example ambiguity, the creative process including incubation and idea generation)
  • bionics (nature as inspiration)
  • ways in which creativity can be enhanced or ways in which creativity is smothered
  • modes of thinking (lateral, divergent, convergent, insight)
  • influence of personality on creativity
  • creativity training
  • assessment
  • gender

Creativity in general (which is basically anything that catches my eye!)

Articles on these topics are also still available on my previous blog, SynTAROTis. Please browse!


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