Index of The Sceptic's Tarot articles on creativity (Updated 4 June 2020)
The Sceptic's Tarot spreads

Index of The Sceptic's Tarot articles on tarot (Updated 22 March 2022)

Many of these links still point to SynTAROTis

Tarot and creativity

How to be wiser when you read for yourself

Creativity techniques in tarot reading

Why use the cards for brainstorming?

Attribute listing with tarot cards

Brainstorming with tarot cards

Another way of looking at the problem is ...

"Preppy thoughts" with tarot cards

"This could change everything"

"Yes, BUT ..."--A challenging technique

So is this true?

I predict that ...

Let the image do the talking

Just imagine ... you can be more creative

Crime cards!

Reverse the spread

An inside-out reading

A back-to-front reading

What if the card is the obstacle?

I have an idea!

Exercising creativity

Odd card out: a creativity game

"Improve me"

The backwards story

Appreciative inquiry

Tickle the typewriter

Telling stories

Practising problem-solving

Where does it go?

The chosen cards

Set my place

Two troublesome cards

Two for one

Choose your topic: Writing non-fiction articles with tarot

Interweaving tarot and creativity: Articles from SynTAROTis

Tarot and scepticism

How does the tarot work? A skeptic's view

I am a tarot skeptic

Why would a sceptic use tarot cards?

The sceptic's way Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Sceptic readings and divination: what is the difference?

What does it mean to be a tarot sceptic?

Tarot, journaling, and reflection

Draw cards on a memory

Lessons learnt

Reflection with tarot cards

Rewriting the past

Journaling prompts

Creative reflection with tarot cards

Gibbs reflective cycle with tarot cards

Tarot and business

"Spread" your CV

General articles on tarot

What else can you do with a deck of tarot cards?

A few recommended books on tarot

Reversals—use them or lose them?

Favourite and recommended decks

Does the tarot work?

What do people believe about the tarot?

A tool of the devil?

The structure of a tarot deck

Acquiring occult associations

Evocative tarot

Asking the question

A few recommended books on tarot

My favourite tarot decks

Tarot cards and what they mean

Making meaning: Take the wands from the fire

Making meaning: The wand as a symbol

Too many meanings spoil the card?

So, you drew the Ace of Wands in a reading?

Personal power perplexed: Two of Wands, Part 1, Part 2

First fruits: The Three of Wands, Part 1, Part 2

Time out! The Four of Wands, Part 1, Part 2

Fighting fair: The Five of Wands, Part 1, Part 2

Victory! The Six of Wands, Part 1, Part 2

7: Virtue or vice? Part 1, Part 2

78 cards: What could they mean?

Why use tarot cards for creative problem solving?

Be sense-ible

Oh, happy Death!

My favourite tarot decks

What could this mean?

Tarot reading

Procrastination: An exercise with tarot cards

Using tarot cards to explore a problem

Reading tip: A card can have more than one message for you

Problem solving by fortunetelling Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Reading the cards in context: How the cards influence each other

Grieving: a sample reading

Patterns in a spread: Predominance

What if a card doesn't make sense?

Practise tarot reading with these spreads

Reading the context: How the cards influence each other


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