Index of The Sceptic's Tarot articles on tarot (Updated 22 March 2022)
Articles you will find on The Sceptic's Tarot

Index of creativity and reflection tarot spreads (updated 11 May 2022)

The Sceptic's Tarot is about using tarot cards for creative problem solving, creativity, reflection, and journaling. I have created both spreads and techniques that can be used for these purposes.

My creativity techniques use the cards as tools to inspire thoughts and ideas.

My creativity spreads, on the other hand, are read the way any other tarot spread is read (with a twist here and there), but are designed to solve problems, create, self-reflect, and journal.

(Many of these links still point to SynTAROTis.)


The 5W1H spread

Another way to look at the problem is …

“Preppy thoughts” with Tarot cards

“Yes, BUT …”—A challenging technique

Going around in circles

The root of the problem

"This could change everything"

Building bridges

Reverse the spread

Gather-information spread

Find, define, solve

Solve circle

And But Therefore spread

What if I do nothing?

Problem finding

Three wishes

Problem definition

What is my problem? Tarot spreads

Creative writing

Treacherous trait: Story spread

Choose your topic: writing non-fiction articles with Tarot cards

What's your story?


Resentment spread

Body-heart-mind-soul spread

Learning from the past

Regret spread

Serenity spread

The magic square spread: From worry to peace

The centering cross

Magic squares: I want, I have, I need, I deserve

Magic Square variation 2: I want, I have, I need, I deserve

Magic Square variation 3: I want, I have, I need, I deserve

The shadow self

Learning from the past

Upset spread

Who do you blame?

Why am I here?

Procrastination spread

How did I get here?

Frustration spread

A happiness spread

The shadier part

Draw cards on a memory

"Spread" your CV

Rewriting the past

Inspiration spread

Self-compassion spread

Leap into the new year

A "fortune telling" spread to change your mind

So is this true?

Explore the situation

How did I get here?


Starting a new cycle

SWOT spread: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats

SWOT spread: Making the best of it

“Taking stock”

A really good day

What is standing in my way? (updated)

The worry spread

Yes ... but WHY?

Fear spread

So what?

Magic square: Three things for the new year

The f-word spread 

If - then 

IMRAD: Introduction, Method, Results, And Discussion


The sum of our relationship

Difficult conversations

A broken relationship

Valuable relationship


Future-me spread

It takes courage to live your life

What if I do nothing?

Decision spread


How am I doing with this goal?

Shooting for the stars

Resolution circle


Reflection with Tarot cards

Gibbs reflective cycle with Tarot cards

The filter spread


What is worth knowing?

What do I know?

New Year's growth spread

What have I learned?


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