A few recommended books on tarot
Reversals--Use them or lose them

Practise tarot reading with these spreads

Do you need to practise reading the cards? Sooner or later we all run out of problems to solve or friends and family members to read for. Here are suggestions for readings and spreads you can do over and over, or do as journaling exercises that don't need precipitating events.

Traditional spreads

  1. Draw a daily card in the morning, asking what you should take note of.
  2. The Body—Mind—Spirit 3-card spread takes a look at you in the moment. You can do this spread every day. Just place three cards in a row, named 1. Body 2. Mind 3. Spirit.

The Sceptic's Tarot spreads

  1. If—then If this happens, then I will .... This spread can be done over and over, and helps you prepare for any type of event.
  2. The f-word spread is particularly apt in 2020. Yes, I'm f***ked, but also focused.

SynTAROTis spreads

  1. What do I know? is a short, focused spread helping you remember what you have learned in your life. You can do this spread as often as you wish.
  2. What is worth knowing? is a 2- or 3-card wisdom spread you can do repeatedly.
  3. Inspiration spread you can do as a journaling exercise, without the need for a specific problem.
  4. The shadier part is another journaling exercise to help you pinpoint the 'shadier' part of your psyche.
  5. Valuable relationship lets you explore ways to improve any relationship.
  6. Improve your mood with a happiness spread.
  7. Shooting for the stars is a journaling spread that doesn't need a particular problem.
  8. Taking stock is another journaling spread that doesn't need specific circumstances.
  9. Magic square: I want, I have, I need, I deserve is yet another journaling spread exploring the moment.
  10. Serenity spread helps you cope with anything.

Happy reading!


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