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In a tarot reading, a card may have more to say than its surface meaning. Cards have a spectrum of meanings, and sometimes there is another message waiting to be deciphered.

Look at this example from Tarot: Get the whole story by James Ricklef. In a fictional reading for Abe Lincoln, Ricklef has three messages for him:

"[T]he Two of Cups provides some advice for your future political efforts. First, [1] it suggests taking a more conciliatory tone. Emphasize compromise and cooperation, either within your own party or with your opponents. It also [2] stresses the importance of supportive relationships, urging you to expand your professional relationships or to strengthen existing ones. In addition, [3] you may want to try to rely more on the cooperative support of others next time."

James Ricklef, Tarot: Get the whole story, p. 181.

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