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Let the image do the talking

More brainstorming with tarot cards

We can never have too many examples, right?

Let's say the problem is:

"How can we add some oomph to our advertising campaign for EasySit, a pillow that improves back pain?"

I draw five cards from the Modern Medieval Tarot: the Nine of Staves (Wands), The Wheel of Fortune, the Ace of Swords, the Hanged Man, and the Queen of Pentacles.

More brainstorming with tarotTaking inspiration from these cards, I think up the following ideas for enhancing the ad campaign: (Please note that, as with all brainstormings, some ideas are repeated and some are just plain silly.)

Nine of Wands

From the image:

  • Look around at what is happening in the market. What aspects of comfort pillows are being emphasized? If they are focusing on reducing back pain, can we emphasize different strengths, such as its superior looks? You can improve your interior decoration by using EasySit as a decorative element as well as a practical device.


  • Point out that EasySit not only improves back pain but also prevents it.


  • EasySit is resistant to wear and tear, due to its superior material.

Wheel of Fortune


  • The customer is not depending on being lucky not to get back pain; they are using a device recommended by experts in the field.

Cycle of life:

  • Any member of your family can use this pillow, from child to grandparent.

Ace of Swords

From the image:

  • Add a warrior element to the advertising campaign: EasySit is the only product on the market that can 'slay' back pain.


  • Point out that EasySit, because of its design, will not deflate.


  • EasySit can be used during sex to prevent or ease back pain, and provide more comfort and pleasure.


  • EasySit is the latest product on the market, thus it benefits from the feedback given on competing products.


  • It is the ideal gift for 'that person who has everything.'

Hanged Man


  • It is not necessary to sacrifice beauty for comfort.


  • A user can 'surrender' him- or herself to the comfort of this product.


  • EasySit has a 'front' and a 'back' with a different but similar design: you can choose which side will face out.
  • Reverse the usual focus point in the marketing of this product: EasySit not only eases back pain, but prevents it.

Queen of Pentacles


  • The pillow is recommended by the leading specialists on back pain.


  • Refer to how good it feels to use the pillow.


  • EasySit has a soothing effect on back pain.


  • It is a very practical solution for back pain


  • You can increase your hospitality by giving each visitor an EasySit pillow to use.

There you go: 19 ideas from five cards on how to improve a marketing campaign for EasySit.

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