This could change everything
How to be wiser when you read for yourself

Royal advice

Have a problem? Ask the court cards how to solve it.

How does it work?

State your problem.

Go through your deck and remove the first king, queen, knight, and page that you find. Place them in a row in any order.

Remove the rest of the court cards, put them aside, then shuffle the remaining cards. Draw a card for every court card and place them in a second row under the court cards.

Taking into account the personality and position of each court card, let them interpret the card you have placed below them to give you advice.


Problem: How can I stay creative under lockdown and the threat of COVID-19?

I draw the King and Page of Wands, and the Queen and Knight of Pentacles.

The cards they have to interpret are the Magician, Ten of Cups, Ten of Swords, and the Chariot.

Reading Royal advice

King of Wands on the Magician: You have magic at your command and all the expertise, skill and tools you need. Express yourself with passion and confidence. Transform you everyday experiences and the knowledge you gain from them into creative projects.

Queen of Pentacles on the Ten of Cups: Take nourishment from your friends and family, and in return, share your happiness and well-being. Look around you: count your blessings and draw strength and creativity from them.

Knight of Pentacles on the Ten of Swords: When you’re feeling tired and defeated, get rid of what you don’t need, especially negative thoughts that distract you. You have to act, but don’t be in a hurry: slow and steady progress will serve you better at this time. It is important that you finish what you began.

Page of Wands on the Chariot: Listen to your instincts and let your imagination roam. You have begun well, now you need self-control and focus to continue on your journey.

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