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Difficult conversations (tarot spread)

Body-heart-mind-soul spread

Sometimes, when life feels a little out of control, we need to centre ourselves. Try The Sceptic's Tarot Body-heart-mind-soul spread. It does a quick but thorough 360° overview of what is essential to you right now.

Spread Body heart mind soul

You can start the spread anywhere.

Shuffle your cards and draw one for each of the card positions.

When you read the spread, take this as significant:

  • If a suit card matches its card position, for example, a Pentacles card on the Body position, that aspect of yourself is in harmony with itself.
  • If a card is mismatched with its position, for example, if a Cups card falls on Body, consider the possibility that you approach your finances too emotionally.
  • If a major arcana card falls on the Pentacles, Cups, Swords, or Soul space, regard that sphere as being potentially life-changing or dominant.
  • If a suit card falls on the position for the Major card, explore the centre from the perspective of the suit. For example, if a Cup card falls in the centre, explore the central emotional aspect of your life.
  • If a court card falls here, it points to a personality trait or person that is powerful right now.

Sample spread

I'm using the Anna K Tarot.

Reading Body heart mind soul

Body (Pentacles): Five of Cups
The "Body" card does not match its position (it's not a Pentacles card but Cups), pointing to an excess of emotion affecting the body.

Right now I am disappointed that I haven't met my exercise goal for two weeks in a row. However, I have done *some* exercise, not nothing. The card suggests I focus on what I have done, not regretting what I haven't (three cups are still upright).

Heart (Cups): Knight of Pentacles
This card does not match its position (it's not a Cups card), pointing to health or other Pentacles issues as dominant.

This knight embodies slow but steady progress, caution, and physical protection. The slow progress made in South Africa against Covid-19 affects my emotions. There is a strong need to be cautious, yet a measure of protection is being introduced by vaccination.

Mind (Swords): Ten of Pentacles
Another card that is mismatched to its position (Pentacles instead of Swords).

My mind is filled with thoughts about friends and acquaintances affected by the virus. Yet there is much to be grateful for, and so far my family has been well. (This card embodies family matters.)

Soul (Wands): Trump 21, the World
Another mismatch. The major card in the Soul position affirms that the virus currently affects the entire world. It is not only affecting our physical health, but our soul. However, the card also suggests completion, which pulls us forward to when we have beaten the virus.

Centre (Majors): Four of Pentacles
This card is also mismatched for its position. Physical matters dominate not only my life but that of everyone in the world. The card suggests the need for security, protection, and withdrawal from the world. Another central theme is about rich countries hoarding vaccines they will not use.


Not one of the cards matches its position and there is an abundance of Pentacles cards, again emphasizing that health and other physical matters are central right now.

Coming back to the first card (Five of Cups) on completion of the reading, I feel that, since Covid-19 is such a dominant force in this spread, the Five of Cups also tells me to focus on vaccinations given, not on the overwhelming number of people still to be vaccinated. (I have received the first of two vaccinations; my husband has had both.)


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