Where does it go?
Lessons learned

So is it true?

If you enjoyed the Where does it go? technique, here is another way to read tarot cards for introspection.

Wheel of Fortune, Fantastic Menagerie TarotFor this technique, you will read tarot cards in a spread, but not assume that anything you 'read' is the truth. It is a sceptic's reading, in which you draw random cards to help you think.

How it works

Lay out the cards in the spread below, then using only one keyword or phrase per card, do a strict 'use the right keywords' and 'one sentence' reading. Pretend you are reading for someone else and you are only allowed to use one meaning and one sentence per card.

If you wish, set your intention to introspection and accept cards that are not specifically for you.

Make notes in your journal or tarot journal.

Now we come back to you.

You will probably find that none of the cards 'fit' your situation, but that is the point. Once you have done the reading, for each card, ask yourself: "In my situation, is this true?"

Your answer will be one of the following:

  • Yes, it is true. So how does that make you feel? Is it the whole truth, or just a partial truth? What else is true?
  • This is true, but I want to change it to something else. What would that be?
  • This is true, but why is it true?
  • No, this is not true at all. For each card that doesn't fit, decide what the truth would be.
  • Not true, but I like certain aspects. Note which ones and why.
  • I wish! How can you make it true? What will you have to change?

You should now have plenty of material for introspection!

The spread

8-card horseshoe spread

  1. Where am I?
  2. How did I get here?
  3. What did I do right?
  4. What mistake did I make?
  5. What do I want out of this situation?
  6. Who or what will support me in this time?
  7. Where will all this lead to?
  8. What is the best I can do under the circumstances?

* The deck is the Fantastic Menagerie Tarot by Magic Realist Press.

[This technique was first described on SynTAROTis.]


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