The back-to-front reading
Resentment spread

The backwards story

Stuck trying to find an idea for a story?

Stories can inspire ideas; so can doing things differently. Let’s tell a story, but start at the end.dreamstime_xs_3493509

  1. Shuffle the deck, then draw a card. This is the end of the story. What happens? Is it a happy-ever-after story, or a tragedy?
  2. Draw a second card and place it to the left of the first card. This is the middle of the story. How does this card connect to the first one? What happened in the middle of the story to get to the end? What kind of story is it: a love story? a mystery? a suspense story? (You are not allowed to change the ending ….)
  3. Draw a third card, placing it to the left of the second card. This is the beginning of the story. What set events in motion? How did the beginning lead to the middle and the end?

So, what’s your story?

[This article first appeared in modified form on SynTAROTis.]


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