Who are you?
What is standing in my way?

Building bridges

This spread will help you build bridges between what you want, what you have, and what you need. Every card in this spread is essential for reflection, not only card 6 or the two 'building bridges' cards (cards 4 and 5).Spread building bridges

  1. What I want
  2. What I have
  3. What I need
  4. Build a bridge between what I want (1) and what I have (2)
  5. Build a bridge between what I have (2) and what I need (3)
  6. Complete the bridge (or synthesize)

Let's do a sample reading.

Sample reading

I have used the Buckland Romani Tarot, with a question about how to overcome the creative block that I have been experiencing.

Reading building bridges

What I want: Ace of Koshes (Wands)

The card shows a hand holding a whip, suggesting that the energy to get going is present, although the horses still need to be hitched. I want to feel renewed energy and all the enthusiasm, idealism and creativity that have disappeared along the way. I want some get-up-and-go.

What I have: Four of Bolers (Pentacles)

The card shows a smiling Rom leaning against a wagon wheel. Although he has gathered the wheels he needs, he is not moving forward. I am blocking my own creative energy. I should stop holding on so tightly to what I have already achieved. I might feel proud of what I have done so far, but I am stifling creativity energy. Fear has made my creative self stagnant and careful. What I have is potential energy; I need to release it.

What I need: Three of Bolers (Pentacles)

A Rom is working on a vardo (wagon) wheel. Two people are watching him. It seems they may be admiring the craftsmanship of the worker. I need to work again; I need to realize that I am good at what I do and should not fear that the best of my work is behind me. On the other hand, I should also not be complacent about what I have already done: it is not finished. I do not need the wild-spark creativity of the beginning of the project: I might want it, but I do not need the energy of a restart: I need calm confidence that I will complete the project.

Build a bridge between what I want and what I have: Two of Chivs (Swords)

The card shows a knife thrower preparing for a difficult task: throwing the knives without hurting the other person. He has the skill to do it, yet he needs the right physical and mental preparation. To move from the desire for the Ace of Koshes creative energy to the productivity of the Three of Bolers, and with the necessary skill and preparation, I need to stand back for a moment and evaluate the situation. The wildness of the Ace of Koshers is inappropriate for the stage my work is in, but the Four of Bolers is taking one step too far into comfort and security. The Two of Chivs does not represent a lasting balance, but it does mean I need to take a breath and think for a moment. Then I can move forward.

Build a bridge between what I have and what I need: Five of Koshes (Wands)

The card shows five men doing a stick dance. The atmosphere is energetic and positive. A fire burns in the foreground. What I have is four wheels (the tools and the skills necessary); what I need is to prepare and consider what I am going to do (the knife thrower) and then to actually work on the wheels while the fire (energy) burns (Five of Koshes). I should follow the dance steps and rely on my skills with fire and energy. I know the steps to take, and I have a solid base for my work (the wagon, the wheels, rope, a hammer): now, I need to move forward. The energy of the Five of Koshes is not fearful and contemplative: it is enthusiastic, chaotic, and even aggressive.

Complete the bridge (or synthesize): Trump XIII Death

(The project will be the death of me? Not very reassuring!) Seriously now: my project could be “on fire” if I stop being so comfortable with what I have done so far. This far into the project, many changes have already occurred—even transformation. Being afraid to move forward will mean death; taking the project and moving forward with confidence might mean the most exciting journey I have yet been on. The wheels are on the wagon, and it's time to roll!

[An earlier version of this post was published on SynTAROTis.]


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