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Basic tarot course

The course on tarot reading is finally here! It is available in both PDF format (to download) and online.

BUY THIS COURSE! $5.00 (PayPal).

Buy the course for $5.00 (you may be prompted to create a PayPal account) and forward your receipt from PayPal to martie.groenewald[at]thescepticstarot.com. In return, I will send you the download link for the document and the link for the online version of the course.

What is in this course?

The Sceptic’s Tarot: Reading the cards for your self teaches you to read tarot cards and create meanings for the cards beyond their traditional meanings. I teach you the sceptic’s tarot--using the cards for introspection and problem-solving.

At the end of the course, you will have a "recipe" (or steps to follow) to read the cards. You will also have examined and used every card in the 78-card deck.

Lesson 1 will introduce the cards to you.

Lesson 2 deals with the history of the cards.

Lesson 3 will show you how to read the pip cards (scenic or story cards—Aces to Tens of each suit).

Lesson 4 concentrates on adding meaning to the story cards by focusing on the image.

Lesson 5 adds suits and elements to pip card meanings.

Lesson 6 highlights numbers and their associations to the pip card meanings.

Lesson 7 explores the court cards.

Lesson 8 focuses on reading pip and court cards with additional meanings.

Lesson 9 teaches you to read the major arcana cards.

Lesson 10 looks at the preparation for a full reading.

Lesson 11 puts it all together and demonstrates how to do a full tarot reading with all the cards and your choice of meanings.

BUY THIS COURSE! $5.00 (PayPal).

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