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Get growing! A tarot spread for leaving the comfort zone

Aah, the comfort zone, where we feel safe and in control.

But here’s the thing: if you don’t leave your comfort zone, you will not grow. That simple, yet that complicated. Who wants to experience fear, and even panic? Leaving the comfort zone means going where you lack self-confidence, finding excuses for staying where you are, and letting the opinions of others rule your life.

Let’s see how tarot cards can help.

The following spread is based on the work of Oliver Page, who wrote an article for PositivePsychology.com on leaving the comfort zone. (If you struggle with reading a tarot spread, consider buying my basic tarot course, Reading the cards for your self.)

His model starts in the Comfort Zone, moves through the Fear Zone into the Learning Zone, and finally into the Growth Zone.

How it works: Once you acknowledge you are in your Comfort Zone and face the fears that keep you from moving, you enter the Learning Zone, where you acquire new skills to deal with challenges and problems.

Finally, you move into the Growth Zone, where you find your purpose, live your dreams, and set new goals. This is where you apply your newly learned skills to conquer any obstacles in your way. At this point, you have entered a new Comfort Zone where you again feel safe and in control, but now with new skills and self-confidence.

The spread has four columns: 1) the comfort zone, 2) the fear zone, 3) the learning zone, and 4) the growth zone.

In column 1, you acknowledge you are in your comfort zone. What does it look like? Why does this zone make you feel safe? This column has only one card.

In column 2, you identify and acknowledge the fears that keep you from moving on. This column has two cards because we have many fears and anxieties to identify.

In column 3, you find your opportunities for learning and describe the lessons you are learning. This column has three cards, because there are more opportunities for learning than fears to overcome. (Really!)

In column 4, you consolidate what you have learned and identify a new comfort zone for the next cycle. This column has four cards, each with a question of its own. Of course, we should never stop learning, but there is time to enjoy your New You before you tackle the next cycle.

Spread horizontal funnel1. Your Comfort Zone. What does it look like?

2. The Fear Zone. Which fears are stopping you from growing?

3. The Learning Zone. What are you learning, and what are your growth opportunities?

4. The Growth Zone:

The top card, card 1: Where are you now?

Card 2: What are you dreaming about?

Card 3: How can you apply your new self-confidence and skills?

Card 4: What is a further growth opportunity before you can enter a new cycle?

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Page, O. (4 November 2020). How to leave your comfort zone and enter your ‘growth zone’. PositivePsychology.com. Retrieved 12 August 2022 from Positive Psychology.


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