So is it true?
Worry wisdom: A tarot technique

Tarot as you DON'T know it (updated 21 April 2023)

What makes The Sceptic's Tarot unique? This:

The sceptic's way involves special techniques and unusual ways of reading the cards to uncover your creativity, solve problems, come up with fresh ideas, grow, and explore your own wisdom.

How? You don't have to be psychic!

Let's dive in!

Special techniques
Re-purposed creativity techniques
Unusual tarot-reading techniques
Exclusive spreads for creativity and reflection
Fun stuff
Other stuff

Special problem-solving, creativity, and journalling techniques

To come up with ideas, experts have used combinations, shifting perspectives, random elements, and stories. Sceptic's techniques (so far!) incorporate these techniques in tarot-particular ways.

Draw cards on a memory

Let the image do the talking

This could change everything

Royal advice

Another way to look at the problem

Lessons learned (journaling)

Journaling with tarot cards

Who are you? (introspection and journaling)

The backwards story (creative writing)

Two for one: A tarot technique

Tickle the typewriter (creative writing)

In spite of fear and doubt, create ... 

Something bad happened: journalling/creative writing technique (new)

Re-purposed creativity techniques

Various problem-solving techniques are even more effective if you do them with tarot cards. Brainstorming is the best known but not the only one. Have a look at these so far (several on their way):

Brainstorming and reverse brainstorming

Doing nothing

What is working well? Appreciative inquiry

Reverse something ("The last shall be first")

Find the cause

Acting on tarot: Using active verbs to solve a problem

Unusual tarot-reading techniques

These unusual ways of reading tarot cards encourage reflection and journaling:

  • reading a card twice,
  • giving interpretations first,
  • choosing where a card goes,
  • swapping cards,
  • ... and so on.

Exclusive spreads for creativity and reflection

The Sceptic's Tarot spreads (so far!) focus not on divination but on:

Fun stuff

Crime cards! (new)

Other stuff

You will also find:

helpful tips on reading the cards,

a short how-to-read-the-cards guide, and

an introductory course on reading tarot cards. (The course teaches you not only to read the cards but to create your own meanings for the cards. By the end of the course, you know the cards really well.)

Conclusionary stuff

So, browse around and watch out for new articles and spreads (more or less weekly).

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