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Find, Define, Solve: A tarot spread

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  Dreamstime_xs_17766376Do you use tarot cards for inspiration for creative writing? Here are a few ideas:

  • Remember the backwards story? You draw a card first for the ending, then one for the middle, and then one for the beginning.
  • Draw a card and tell the beginning of the story. Draw a second card for the end. What happens in between?
  • Draw one card: if this were the middle of the story, how does the story begin? And how does it end?
  • Draw two cards, one for a character and one for the story's beginning. How does the character drive the story? Now reverse the cards and reread them: for "What is my character's weakness?" and "How does this affect the story?"
  • Choose from the elements below and draw a card for each:
    • the beginning of it all
    • a need
    • a reason
    • a challenge
    • a warning
    • a prediction
    • a disaster
    • an important person
    • an ending

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