Appreciating the past: A tarot spread
Spreads you can do over and over (and still learn from)

Creative reflection with tarot cards: A tarot spread

Do you use tarot cards for self-reflection?

Reflection is a powerful tool for solving problems. It can help you learn from past mistakes, grow, plan, and make sense of confusing emotions and events.

And tarot reading is the perfect tool for reflection.

(If you want to know more about reflection, I wrote a longer article for SynTAROTis.)

Tarot reading is inherently creative and reflective, so any spread that covers the aspects that you want to explore will work.

Here is one that I created to explore an experience, learn from it, and look forward to the next reflection.

Spread 7-card

  1. What was important about the experience?
  2. What have you learned?
  3. What excited you?
  4. What disappointed you?
  5. How does the experience change the way you see the world?
  6. How can you use what you have learned?
  7. What would you like to learn next?

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