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Tarot tip: A card may have more than one message for you

00Sometimes you find that a card has more than one message for you.

These messages can come from your intuition, from what you know about the card, from the image of the card, and from books you consult for the card’s meaning.

Think of these diverse meanings as layer upon layer in understanding and interpreting the card.

To find these messages?

Take your time with a card; do not think the meaning that jumps out at you first is necessarily the only one. (Although, often, the first thing that comes up on you seeing the card could be the most important.)

Here is an example:

Recently, in the Celtic Cross spread in the “Recent past” position, I drew the Fool (reversed).

My first instinct was that I was no longer a beginner, which was true.

Looking at Stephen Walter Sterling's Tarot awareness, I note that I have to regain the enthusiasm of a beginner.

Mary K Greer, in her Tarot for your self, called me lazy and irresponsible and said I had lost the free-spiritedness of my initial studies of the tarot.

Anthony Louis, in his Tarot plain and simple, said I was showing poor judgement.

Other thoughts that came up were:

  • I’m hesitating to take a leap of faith,
  • I’m not trusting my instincts,
  • I’m taking myself too seriously.

These were all true, and I would have missed opportunities for a meaningful reflection if I had stopped with my first thought.

So take your time with your next tarot reading and explore the layers of meaning for each card.

**The image of the Fool is from the Modern Medieval Tarot.

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