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Treacherous trait: A story-writing spread

The root of the problem: Tarot spread

Many problems can only be solved by understanding where they come from. And tarot is an excellent tool for solving problems creatively.

So how do we get the two together?

With a tarot spread, of course!

You will see that this spread explores the problem from several angles: personal, emotional, environmental, and the role you play in the situation.

The spread layout is that of the well-known Celtic Cross.

Spread Celtic Cross

  1. What is the problem?
  2. What is the main challenge to overcome?
  3. What do you know?
  4. What are you hiding?
  5. What contributes to the problem?
  6. What else is causing the problem?
  7. What role do you play in the situation?
  8. What role does your environment (your circumstances) play?
  9. What role do your emotions play?
  10. Where is this leading?

You can draw a final card—card 11—to explore your options to solve the problem.

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