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The chosen cards: A tarot technique

What would be the most fun way to solve a problem? A tarot technique

Young-wondered-young-woman-with-afro-hairstyle-opens-mouth-stands-ripped-paper-hole-backgroundWe know by now that tarot cards are excellent and versatile tools for solving problems. What is also true is that in solving problems, the more ideas you have (even wild and crazy ideas), the more likely you will find an effective solution.

How can we combine the versatility of tarot cards with coming up with many creative ideas?

You ask the cards!

Here is one way to come up with ten unusual ways to solve a problem. (Even if some ideas are silly or impossible, they can be modified into something practical.)

The technique

Think of a problem you would like to solve. Shuffle your tarot deck and draw one card at random.

Ask yourself, "What would be the most practical way to solve the problem?"

Once you have an idea, draw another card and move on to the second item on the list below. (If you get stuck on a card, just draw another one.)

  1. practical
  2. logical
  3. emotional
  4. unexpected
  5. crazy
  6. fun
  7. creative
  8. exciting
  9. interesting
  10. beautiful

You will now have ten ideas on how to solve your problem!

This is a fun technique and not to be taken too seriously. But I think you will be surprised at how effective it is to solve your problem.

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