Wacky combinations with tarot cards: A creative technique
Make it so! A tarot spread

Yes And But: clarification spreads to explore a problem

By now, you know how cool tarot cards are for solving problems? Of course!

But before you can solve a problem, you must know what is really going on.

One way to clarify a situation is to use a spread with a card representing the problem.

My spread The root of the problem has as its first card position the question, "What is the problem?"

Another spread with a similar card position is the Celtic Cross with the first card position, "This covers you."

These 10-card spreads explore a situation in depth.

But maybe you don't want to use a huge spread to take a quick look at a situation.

That's when you can use the spread Yes ... but WHY? which has only two cards.

A variation on this spread is Yes ... AND? This phrase is often used in improvisation comedy to keep the conversation going. It means you accept what the first card tells you but want to know more.

You can lay the two cards in a simple line like this:

Spread with two cards for the Yes And spread with the card positions:

  1.  Yes
  2. And ...?

Another variation is to ask all three questions, again in a simple line:

Spread 3-card horizontal spread

  1. Yes
  2. And ...?
  3. But WHY?

These spreads are short but pack a punch.

As always, if you need a brief refresher on reading tarot cards, look at my free article "How to read tarot cards: A quick guide."

You might also consider my tarot-reading course, "Reading the cards for your self."

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