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The optimist's technique: A tarot-reading method

Optimistic woman listening to happy messageReady for another variation on reading tarot cards?

The usual way to read the cards is to shuffle your deck and draw, face-down, the cards you need for a spread.

Occasionally, for special techniques, you will go through the cards face-up and select cards. (In my Chosen cards technique, for example, you select cards you feel are appropriate.)

For the optimist’s technique, you choose the cards you want to see in a reading—perhaps the ‘nice’ cards, such as the Sun, the Nine of Cups, the Ten of Cups, or the Ten of Pentacles. Or maybe you have a favourite card that always brings good news.

In other words, you, the reader, are optimistic that everything will turn out for the best.

There is only one caveat: you have no control over which position each card gets.

Here is how it works

First, you state the question and select the spread you want to use. Any spread. If you’re stuck, use the first six cards of the Celtic Cross. This is a good anytime spread that gives you a snapshot of a moment in time. You don’t need a question with this spread. (See the spread at the end of this article.)

Now, disregarding the card positions, take your deck and choose your favourite cards (or the most appropriate ones for the question, if you want). For the spread below, you will pick six cards.

(When I use this technique, my choices include at least one Ace for potential, the Six of Cups for happy memories, and the Two of Wands for mastery.)

Got your cards? Now turn them face-down and shuffle them. (You shuffle only the cards you have selected.)

Finally, lay the cards out in the spread and read them.

Are you surprised at how the cards fell? Happy? Optimistic?

In your tarot journal (if you keep one), note which cards you chose and why. Your choices could be significant. For example, I like the Two of Wands because, right now, mastery is important to me.

Why would you need a technique with only 'good' cards?

  • You’re tired, rundown, emotionally exhausted,
  • in a negative mood when everything looks bleak,
  • you need some self-love, or
  • you want to be kind to yourself.

Will you get the message you need?

Short answer


Long answer

Tarot sceptics and those who want to delve into their subconscious will know that any image can prompt thoughts and emotions in the tarot reader.

On the other hand, if you believe a higher power guides your selection of cards, you will get the message you need. You only ask for the most optimistic, best-case scenario view.

But don't be surprised if you still get an answer that hits you hard

When I used the technique (with the spread below), the Six of Cups fell in “Covers you.” Its gentle pleasure and nostalgia seemed to be perfect for my life right now.

But in the “Crosses you” position, I drew the Two of Wands. This guy is not dwelling on pleasant memories; he is planning his next move with all the creativity, power, and energy of the Wands suit behind him.

I interpreted these cards as saying there is a tension in my life between being stuck in the past and being called towards fresh, exciting, and daunting new ideas.

Gut punch!

So, which cards would you select?

The spread

6-card spread based on the Celtic Cross

  1. Covers you (What is going on right now?)
  2. Crosses you (What obstacles are you facing?)
  3. Above you (What you want)
  4. Below you (The root or cause of the situation)
  5. Behind you (Recent past)
  6. Before you (Immediate future)

As always, if you need a brief refresher on reading tarot cards, look at my free article "How to read tarot cards: A quick guide."

You might also consider my tarot-reading course, "Reading the cards for your self."

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