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Don't make an ass of yourself: How to avoid assumptions with tarot

Dreamstime_s_32279244Do you use tarot cards to solve problems? Be careful you don’t make the wrong assumptions! What do I mean by that?

If you assume things, you will ask the wrong questions, choose the wrong spreads, and waste your tarot reading.

We make assumptions based on our background, experiences, and beliefs. For example, if the querent wants to save money and you're into finance, you might think it’s all about numbers, but forget their feelings. If you’re good at empathy, you might understand that others spend money for emotional reasons, but not think about the practical stuff.

We see the world in a way that matches our beliefs, so it’s hard to spot our assumptions.

The ass u me spread

Before we look at the consequences of making the wrong assumptions, here is a spread you can use. I shaped this spread to look like a mirror, but it’s difficult to look in it. You could also see a stop sign: stop and review your assumptions.

With any tarot reading you do for yourself, you must be honest, but this one is particularly difficult.

I used only one card for each question, but if the problem is complicated, draw two or more cards for each card position.

Spread 7 cards in the shape of a mirror or stopsign

  1. What do I believe? What am I assuming?
  2. Where does this belief come from?
  3. What am I missing?
  4. How else can I view the problem?
  5. How would [my mother, my boss, my child, the client, Einstein] see the problem?
  6. What are the potential benefits or drawbacks of changing my original assumption or belief?
  7. How can I test the new assumption or belief?

What happens when we make the wrong assumptions?

With a tarot reading, you could lose out on information or ask the wrong question.

Suppose you ask, “How could I avoid making my brother angry?” The problem might be that you say the wrong things, so a better question would be, “How could I improve the communication between my brother and myself?”

If you assume your problem is only about now, you might use the Body/Mind/Spirit spread to get an overview, but the Past/Present/Future spread will give you more information. It might be essential to look at the cause (past) and consequences (future).

If you assume the problem affects you only, you might not add a card for others concerned.

If you assume your boss is the problem for not giving you a raise, you won’t add a card to explore your role or options.

Suppose I have a problem I want to solve by brainstorming solutions: “I want to plan the perfect party for my 6-year-old son.”

Using tarot cards, I brainstorm:

  • the type of birthday party,
  • who to invite,
  • what games and activities to offer,
  • what to serve, and
  • what venues I could consider.

Firstly, I assume my son wants a birthday party. That throws out the whole reading! In that case, I should consult the cards for other ways to celebrate his birthday. I also assume:

  • I have to plan the event myself,
  • the party is for cisgender boys only,
  • all the children will be white, able-bodied, and neurotypical (not autistic, for example),
  • the children my son wants at this party would be the same age,
  • I know what type of birthday party, venue, refreshments, and activities my son and his friends will enjoy,
  • he wants to invite only his best friends,
  • the children will all speak English,
  • the children would all enjoy vigorous games and activities, and
  • no one would be allergic or prefer other food.

The party could be a disaster if I don’t identify my blindspots, prejudices, and assumptions. To avoid disasters, look deeper and question your assumptions.

If you need a brief refresher on reading tarot cards, look at my free article "How to read tarot cards: A quick guide."

You might also consider my tarot-reading course, "Reading the cards for your self."

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