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AI woman running away from someone chasing herDo you use tarot cards for creative writing?

Something bad happened

When I created the "Something bad happened" technique, I mentioned that it can be used for journalling and creative writing.

I think, however, the creative-writing aspect of the technique deserves more space.

So here it is: something horrifying happened to your protagonist. How can she respond?

Crisis and action

Lay out five cards as illustrated. The sequence doesn't matter.

Spread 5-card technique something bad happenedStarting with the vertical row, let the three cards describe facets of the crisis or a sequence of beginning, middle, and end. Tell the story.

Now for the horizontal row. The three cards suggest an action or actions the protagonist can take. You can again use the cards to describe three separate actions or let each card contain a facet of the protagonist's response to the event.

The card in the middle of the illustration describes both part of the event and a slice of the protagonist's response. It literally shows how she can transform a crisis into an opportunity. Even a horrifying event contains the seeds of action.

Remember, each card is not just an isolated incident but a connected sequence. The beauty of using tarot for narrative creation is in its open-ended nature. With these cards, your protagonist may confront the crisis head-on, or perhaps she'll take an unexpected route, forging her own path through adversity. Use the symbolisms and imagery within each card to explore the many dimensions of their emotional journey and embedded potential for change. How your protagonist grows and reacts to crisis shapes their character and propels your story forward.

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