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Unlocking solutions: A problem-solving tarot spread

Time to ...

Pretty-young-woman-posingReflection and introspection work very well with tarot cards. Let's reflect on the following seven phrases. (I chose seven items as seven is the number of introspection.)

Draw one card at random for each of the seven phrases.

It is time to:

  1. Let go of ...
  2. Take a chance on ...
  3. Seek ...
  4. Reconsider ...
  5. Give back ...
  6. Create ...
  7. Celebrate ...

You can explore these cards separately or consider each as belonging to the same spread. If the latter, the cards will influence each other and be part of a greater picture. The choice is yours.

A sample reading

I use the Tarot of Mystical Moments for this exercise.

Let go of ... (The Sun)


The Sun is a highly positive card, but in the Tarot of Mystical Moments, the deck creator included a black bird that covers the woman's left eye. It suggests that even the most joyous event or feeling can contain darkness.

Let go of ... limiting beliefs. The Sun illuminates clarity and truth. Release mental clouds such as doubt, pessimism, or self-criticism. Embrace optimism and curiosity.

Take a chance on ... (Eight of Pentacles)


In this card, an artist is painting butterflies' wings. Around her are butterflies she had already done. She is concentrating fiercely, proud of her skill and ensuring she gets it right.

Take a chance on ... dedicating myself to my art and expanding my knowledge.

Seek ... (The Moon)


As a card pointing to the subconscious, the Moon may indicate fears and nightmares, but also creativity and imagination. I have already encountered the Sun in this exercise and with the sun (and daylight) so near, the Moon loses its frightening aspect and becomes an indicator of the pleasures the imagination can offer.

Seek ... to embrace my imagination and use both its frightening and uplifting qualities to expand my creativity.

Reconsider ... (Page of Cups)


The Page of Cups presents a message from my unconscious. With both the Sun and the Moon in this exercise, this card emphasises creativity. It urges me to reconsider where to venture next on my creative journey. I might have to re-examine projects that I have set aside because I don't have the courage to complete them.

Reconsider ... creative projects I have set aside and re-examine them as expressions of my creativity. I need to trust my intuition for my next step.

Give back ... (Nine of Cups)

44The Nine of Cups is often called the 'wish card. ' It points to emotional fulfilment and joy.

Give back ... from my creative abundance by sharing what I have learned so far.

Create ... (the Tower)


The Tower can be a terrifying card to receive in a reading. However, in the context of creating, the focus of the card falls on creative breakthroughs and insights. It can also suggest that creativity could lead to earth-shaking changes. Not an easy card!

Create ... with the expectation that far-reaching changes may occur. If I read this card together with the Sun, I should discard limiting beliefs and create without fear. The card also promises that if I embrace my creativity, I can expect insight and understanding.

Celebrate ... (Three of Wands)

24Celebrate ... what I've already accomplished and look to the future with expectation and curiosity. This card also urges me to go beyond my comfort zone to create.

The big picture

The cards I drew are all related to creativity. Three major arcana cards popped up in this reading. They remind me how important creativity is to me. To sum up, I should let go of limiting beliefs and embrace my creativity without fear. Some of the projects I have set aside are worthy a relook, especially if I'm not afraid of changes that might occur. Although the the Moon and the Three of Wands urge me to be a visionary, I should not forget to work with dedication.

Reflection and introspection with tarot cards is always fun and enlightening. Let me know what you learn from this exercise!

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