Where does it go?

Sometimes a bit of creativity shakes things up, even in tarot reading. Here is a technique that makes you look at the cards in a spread from a different direction than usual.

You can use this technique with any question.

  1. Decide on which spread to use (for example, the Past/Present/Future spread, the Celtic Cross, the Horseshoe).
  2. Grab a deck, and shuffle.
  3. Draw the number of cards that the spread requires, but do not lay them out—keep them in your hand.

Now, look at the cards in your hand. How do you feel about these particular cards in connection with your question? Do any make you worried about the position it might fall? Or the opposite: would you like to see a particular card in a particular position? Are you happy with the energies of the cards? Before you read the spread, consider these questions and note the answers in your journal.

These questions may seem silly or irrelevant, but they guide you to a deeper reflection of the matter at hand.


  1. Shuffle the cards you have drawn.
  2. Lay them out in the spread.
  3. Consider how you now feel about the cards in their particular positions. Then, make notes of your reactions.

And finally, read the spread as usual.

This is a powerful reflection that shows your hopes, worries, and fears besides the normal reading.

[This article is a modified version of one that appeared first on SynTAROTis.]