Your creative self: A tarot spread to explore your creativity

Did you know you are creative when you read tarot cards? Every time you interpret a card in a spread, you are creatively combining that card with its position in the spread and the question you asked.

Creativity comes in all shapes and forms. It’s human to be creative. Art, fashion, photography, and music are not the only ways we can express our creativity.

We are creative when we think up excuses and explanations.

We are creative when something sparks our imagination, and we express it.

We are creative when we find a better way to do something.

We are creative when we face a problem and find a solution that works.

(By the way, The Sceptic’s Tarot exists to show you how to be creative with tarot cards. If you haven’t yet read them, consider reading how to use free association and brainstorming to solve problems with tarot cards. And find out why the cards are such excellent tools for problem-solving.)

Now let’s get to the spread.

Before you do this spread, take a few moments to reflect on your creativity. How have you been creative lately? How does that make you feel?

It's time to shuffle your cards and explore who you are as a creative being.

Spread 6 cards tarot spread on expressing yourself creatively

  1. Who would you like to be when you create?
  2. Why are you hesitant to embrace your creativity?
  3. What will encourage you to practise your creativity?
  4. When will you believe you are creative?
  5. What will help you believe in your creativity?
  6. How can you best express yourself creatively?

As always, if you need a brief refresher on reading tarot cards, look at my free article, "How to read tarot cards: A quick guide."

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