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I want to get fit again! A tarot reading

It’s time for a sample reading!

I want to get fit again, so I reached for my cards for inspiration. I used a spread from The Sceptic’s Tarot on reaching a goal.

This time of year, reality has set in, and some of our goals have already bitten the dust. I want to remain enthusiastic about my goal and be fit again by the middle of the year.

I chose the Fantastic Menagerie deck from Magic Realist Press because I enjoy the deck’s quirkiness and energy. I didn't use reversals in this reading.

A little background

In January 2023, a snake bit my husband, and it took him several months to recover. Because he was always tired, we both (I know! I depend too much on his example) stopped exercising, so our fitness levels went down. I want to restart my exercises and catch up to where I’ve been in the past.

The spread

  1. What do I want?
  2. What is my ideal outcome?
  3. What is the most important thing to achieve?
  4. How can I reach this goal?
  5. What is the next step I should take towards the goal?

I highlight the elements of my reading as I do it. (I will do a post on how I do a reading.)

What do you want Goal-setting spreadFirst, a general overview.

The two major arcana cards in the spread (the Star and the Wheel of Fortune) show that the matter is important and touches everything I am.

The low numbers on three cards (Ace, two, and Page) mean I’m starting something new and exciting. The cards are all about my emotions (Cups), my actions (Wands), and my body and resources (Pentacles). There are no Sword cards, so I shouldn’t think too much about it.

The first card, the Star, makes the whole spread shine and increases the positive side of each card.

The whole spread feels young and hopeful (energy).

1. What do I want? The Star

The first thing that strikes me is that the Star is not a card of action! It seems my goal will improve my whole life, not just the physical.

I am reaching for a star, but this star is grounded, with one foot in the water and one foot on the ground (image), meaning I could reach my goal. I will be healthier and feel better. The Star will guide me if I have faith (traditional keywords).

2. What is my ideal outcome? Page of Wands

From the image: I want to climb hills metaphorically and literally (the Page has walked to the top of a steep hill). The Page also leans on a stick, as if he is hiking.

The card's keywords suggest I am starting something new and will feel fresh and alive when I reach my goal.

The Page brings a message (traditional meaning) that I can do it if I have courage and motivation.

3. What is the most important thing to achieve? Ace of Cups

I want to be born again (image) as fit and healthy.

The keywords include love, growth, and pleasure (all those endorphins!)

4. How can I reach this goal? The Wheel of Fortune

There will be changes and ups and downs (keywords), but I will be healthier with more well-being (from the image, a fortunate prediction) if I put my shoulder to the wheel (look at the tiny wheel; perhaps it’s tiny because reaching my goal will not be too hard?)

5. What is the next step I should take towards this goal? Two of Pentacles

A careful one! (Image, what first strikes me.) I must maintain my balance (keyword) and keep moving.

I must plan (keywords) my exercise to have time for both work and play (balance).

The bugle suggests I should tell others about my goal so that they can encourage me (image).

Final overview

The reading overall is positive and healthy, and I feel optimistic. The symbols of the turtle and snail (the turtle with both a shell and a rucksack) tell me I have everything I need (including will power) and don’t have to buy equipment.

The cricket from the Two of Pentacles is moving towards the Wheel (interacting). If he keeps going, he will get to the wheel and make the cards on the wheel (image) tilt in my favour. He will also pass a heart-shaped leaf (image), which means joy and a healthy heart.

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