Choose your topic: Writing non-fiction articles with a tarot spread

Creative writing is not always about stories.

It could be about a life, an opinion, or a topic of interest.

If you struggling to write about a topic you feel passionate about, use tarot cards as inspiration. This spread is for an article.

Shuffle your deck, draw ten cards at random and place them in two rows before you.

(For a quick how-to, go to my post How to read tarot cards.)

Spread 10 cards in two rows of five

  1. What will you write about?
  2. Why does this topic matter to you?
  3. What effect do you want your writing to have on your readers?
  4. What do you want your readers to feel when they have read your article?
  5. What do you want your readers to do when they have read your article?
  6. What do you want your readers to understand?
  7. What is the most surprising thing about this topic?
  8. What new approach or angle can you give to the topic?
  9. What problem should your writing solve for the reader?
  10. What is the most important point you want to make?

[An earlier version of this spread appeared first on SynTAROTis.]

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